Speakers & special guests at our premiere

Green & Healthy Planet - HOP ON time 14:00 CET

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"To become a planet healer, you can just become a conscious eater"

Zsusanna is foundress of WAND company that produces sweets for diabetic children.

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"We need to raise proper awareness about social entrepreneurship and its real meaning on all levels."

With Precious Plastic, Martin and his team are producing fashion accessories by plastic upcycling.

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"Think outside of the trash bin, save the planet via separating waste."

With REDI Recycling, Antonio and Asib collect and recycle waste from the streets of Skopje.

Equity and Empowerment - HOP ON time 15:20 CET time

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"Women’s social entrepreneurship embodies a pursuit for innovation and alternative solutions to economic and social problems faced by women."

Marijana is CEO of the first bagel shop in Belgrade, that employs victims of human trafficing.

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"Our primary goal should be to work on developing society with a close connection to our tradition and heritage."

Zana's is CEO of the concept store Bazerdzan that revives Bosnian traditions and turns them into stylish sustainable products.


"Our main goal should be to do as much good as we can with as little harm as possible, simply to be solidary, kind, and cooperative, have fun on the way, and try to inspire each other."

Diana is co-foundress of Fierce Women - an innovative card game, that promotes and inspires great contributions of women in society.

Tech for Good - HOP ON time 16:40 CET time

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"Spend more time understanding each other and taking care of the environment we live in."

Arta is co-foundress of Labbox - an educational box that inspires kids to explore egineering in a new innovative way.

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"From now on, challenge our own bias, often coming from the stereotypes we grew up with. Bias against technology itself and against women in tech."


Dita is the co-foundress of Czechitas, a new school that supports women in tech.

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"Give others our undivided attention."

Kasia is Head of Marketing of Mudita, a Polish tech company that creates humane products (e.g. a new kind of mobile phones) by putting well-being first.

Opportunity Spots - Experts & Special Guests

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Art performances at "Back to the Future with Impact"

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