The story and people behind "Back to the Future with Impact"

As many things these days: It happened online. In a Zoom meeting.

.. and during a discussion about so many events & gatherings around social economy being cancelled in Central & Eastern Europe. We decided we will move on with our plans - online! And in a completely new format.

So why "Back to the Future"?

Because #SocialEconomy in CEE has a long, successful history of creating positive social impact - which often seems forgotten or pushed in the background because of the digital world taking over. 


Sadly, it is the climate crisis and the pandemic, that now brings social economy back into the spotlight. Today, it is more important than ever to take care of our planet but also of our communities. And it is more important than ever to listen to the ones that already walked path of social impact and learn from their experience. But there is even more to it: With the increasing importance of social economy, there are many new career opportunities developing - a new chance for entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We want to shed light on all of them - from the past, the present and the future. 

And, yes we know, we know! There are thousands of online events out there at the moment. That's why we were determined to find a way, to not only offer the right content to our audience but also provide an experience, no one of us has ever tried before. The result is "Back to the Future with Impact" - an interactive virtual tour we will take with you.

In order for that to happen, a lot of #changemakers must come together - here they are: 

This event wouldn't be possible without:

Our main supporters:


Our creative teams behind this concept

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Alliance Magazine aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among philanthropists, social investors and others working for social change worldwide in order to maximize the impact of funding for social development.





egomonk is a global intelligence platform delivering asymmetric outcomes by bringing organizations closer to the communities they want to serve and the leaders they wish to influence.





"Back to the Future - with Impact" is part of the project "Towards Social Economy: Young Social Innovators as Forerunners of Positive Change in V4 and WB6” funded by Visegrad Fund and Central European Initiative (CEI).

About the project

With the project Towards Social Economy – Young Social Innovators as Forerunners of Positive Change in V4 and WB6 we aim to explore the current developments of social economy in the two regions, in the light of EU enlargement, to analyze the WB potential for economic and social development, as well as to contribute to human capital development and talent acquisition of youth in the two regions, both also facing worrisome brain-drain rates. The project will also advocate for improved policy measures and action plans in V4 and WB6, creating an enabling environment for sustainable development and promoting V4 accomplishments in the social economy.

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